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Q: Why is my game not working or able to play online?
A: To ensure online access please update the game to the latest version. If you are using an older version of the game it will not have the latest bug fixes and may no longer be supported.

Get the latest version:

Click here

iOS: Click here

Amazon: Click here

If updating does not resolve the issue please Contact Us.

Q: How do I restore my stats or Pro Pack purchase?
A: Purchases can be restored but currently only some of your player data can be transferred or restored using your Google Play or Game Center account. You should be able to load your Rank, Battle Points and Skill onto another device by logging into your Google Play / Game Center account. Each time you force stop the game and restart (so that you see the title screen) it will attempt to pull your scores from the Google Play / Game Center Leaderboards. Eventually we are moving all player data, including avatar appearance and equipment, to the cloud using our own system so all your game data and purchases can be preserved and synced across multiple devices and platforms.

To login on Android use the Google Play Services app
To login on iOS use the Game Center app
To login on Amazon Devices use the Game Circle app

Restore purchases by going to UPGRADE > RESTORE. If you have issues with that process let us know and send any error messages you might receive.

Q: How do I purchase the Pro Pack?
A: On iOS make sure In-App purchases are enabled. Go to Settings App, General, Restrictions. Make sure In-App Purchases are on. Try restarting the DA2 App and restarting your device. Note the Pro Pack may not work on jailbroken devices or devices running apps that try to crack In-App Purchases. If your payment method is being declined please contact Google, Apple or Amazon directly to find out if your type of payment method is accepted.

Q: How do I play online?
A: The best option for online pay is Quick Play. If you are not able to connect please verify you are using the latest version of the app. If you are using the latest version, try to force stop the app from the background and try again. If you see any error or you are experiencing a crash please
Contact Us.

Q: How do I get battle points and rank up?
A: Earn Battle Points and rank up by playing online deathmatch games. You can also buy points to use in the Store by going to SETTINGS > STORE > BUY POINTS.

Q: How is skill calculated and what makes it change?
A: Skill is based on lifetime kills / deaths. The formula is: SKILL = 25 x (KILLS/DEATHS). You can find your lifetime kills and deaths listed under SETTINGS > AVATAR.

If your kills are nearly equal to deaths then your ratio is 1.0 and this would be a skill of 25.

If your kills are 4 times more than deaths then your ratio is 4.0 and the skill would be 100 but we cap at 99.

If you kill half as much as you die then your ratio will be 0.5 and then your skill will be 12.

Q: How do I invite friends?
A: We are still working on a cross platform feature so players can invite each other into online games. Currently only iOS devices can do invites by adding friends through the Game Center App. On iOS devices go to DA2 MULTIPLAYER > DEATHMATCH > ONLINE and use the INVITE button. Make sure all players have Game Center notifications enabled under your Settings App > Notifications > Game Center. If you are using an Android or Amazon version we will have an invite solution added soon.

Q: How do I change my avatar's name?
A: In the main menu go to Settings, Avatar and tap on the name box, erase NOOBIE and type your own name. Some special characters or languages may not work and the name will revert back to NOOBIE.