Doodle Army 2 Server Updates


Another round of server updates. We've added 300% more server resources and reduced wait times. We are set up better than ever to keep up with demand. Server names can be seen in the newest client lobby interface.

Doodle Army 2 v2.2.9 released on Google Play


This fixes many crashes and a major text support problem for multiple languages.

Doodle Army 2 v2.1.7 released for Apple iOS (universal)


The bug hunt continues! This fixes bugs (Game Center and crash several crashed) introduced with changes to iOS 9 and the new Apple SDK's.

Doodle Army 2.1.4 released for Apple iOS (universal)


This fixes several bugs (Game Center and crash related).

Doodle Army 2v 2.1.2 released for Apple iOS (universal)


This is the latest version of the iOS version that joins all the platforms supported together on the same servers.

Doodle Army 2 v2.0.x released on Amazon for Kindles and Fire Phones


This is the latest version of the Android build, but for Amazon.

Doodle Army 2.0.x released on Google Play


This is a direct port of the 1.9.x iOS version. We are releasing on Google Play first to work out the new networking and game code in a much smaller population.

Doodle Army 2 Update v1.9.1


This release includes a new catacombs map with 'Saw Gun', puts the 'Quit' button back in Quickplay (replacing skill loss with a time penalty ad screen), and also adds new avatars for Crash Cart players (Space Marine and Crash Cart Joe)!

Crash Cart Update v1.3.0 Released


Added support for Twitter and Facebook sharing
Added a new video (optional voice) recording and sharing feature using Kamcord
As always more trivial bug fixes

Doodle Army 2 Update v1.9.0


This release includes a New Pyramid Map, Performance Improvements and bug fixes for older devices!

Doodle Army 2 Update 1.8.1


This version is to address the default control size on iPads. Also you can now custom place your controls on the screen by going to Settings > Controls > Placement
Let us know if you see any issues and we will continue to fix bugs and add new content as soon as possible!

Crash Cart Update Released


Added New Track Element: Polygon
Added New Track Element: Road Signs
Added New Track Element: TEXT
Added Card List Option: Skip To
Added Search by Author to Search Category
Improved Button Controls
Bug Fixes

Crash Cart for Apple's iOS!


Crash Cart for Apple's iOS is out! Get ready to race through death defying cart tracks! Ride over big hills, long jumps and crash through dozens of hair raising obstacles. Head on over to the AppStore and pick it up. It's Free!

Doodle Army for BlackBerry!


Doodle Army for Blackberry 10 is out! Now you can enjoy some pulse pounding bullet storm action on Blackberry, doodle style! Head on over to Blackberry World and pick it up!

Sweet Review for Doodle Army


A very thought filled review of Doodle Army. "Doodle Army is not original, but it is meant to embody the best of the genre in its execution." Which is what we set out to do.

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Doodle Army releases for Windows 8 x86 and x64


We hit a few snags in the certification process. Nothing that a swift kick to the system didn't fix. This was after manual approval part too, but after a few days and a great support assist form Microsoft we got it in the store!

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Doodle Army Info Update: Win 8 certified!


It has been a long time coming! But a stable x86 build passed muster in the store certification process. It is slated to release 2/27/2013.

Doodle Army 2 Synchronization Issue


There is synchronization issue with game center. Try restarting DA2 and game center even out of the background and then go back into DA2. You can go to DA2 through game center as well. The game center should reset itself in couple of day or so. Sorry we don’t control game center its owned by Apple.

Doodle Army Android and the I9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2)


For all the people having trouble with Doodle Army using a Samsung Galaxy S2, specificlly the I9100 version: We know there is an issue that typically manifests itself as a crash right around reaching the first checkpoint after the turtorial (for most people.) We have been pulling our hair as to why and someone finally responded with enough details for us to sort out a lead! And further digging turns out there is a known issue on this device that has a work around baked into our framework of choice (Cocos2d.)

This gives us something to work with. Hopefully we get a fix soon, this has dogged us for a few weeks now.

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Doodle Army for Android Released


Doodle Army is out for Android! Just in time for Santa's slay ride.

Doodle Army X Update


Why do we call it 'X'? Well because it is our cross platform version. We are heading into testing with Android this week. We have the Windows 8 Win32 version working quite well and passing the WACK too! That leaves 64 bit and ARM to be worked out, it is rather non-trivial though. You Surface users will NOT be left behind. We are using cocos2d-x to port the existing HD version of the original game over to the new platforms. There is no reason we have to stop there. We have almost gotten over the tipping point effort wise.

On the Topic of Doodle Army 2 Hacking


We do really care to solve this. We are going to stop as much as we can. So rest assured we are watching. We have names, game center accounts, we know who many of them are. And when we can can confidently say without a doubt, we are nailing these punks on a few vectors. You will see them drop off the scoreboards one of these days if they keep it up. We have spent too much time and money on these guys having their fun at the expense of the honest gaming community. It bugs us. It really does. There is not a planning meeting it does not come up. If it was easy it would be done. Period. Give us time, hang in there. We are going to roll out ways for the community to deal with it as well. We are catching many in game hacks as is possible, and when we do those folks are rendered inop as possible. BUT we have to be super careful, if an accidental detect occurs and we take action, to us that is just as bad if not worse as hacker deterrence, and if that is happening we need to know. We have to be super careful to not net an honest player from something a hacker put in play.

So we will have to try out new server side code and see what the game play is like (hopefully not bad!) So I see LOTS of testing in our future... That is why this is TAKING forever to solve.

Hang in there!

Zombie Road Rage


Guide to Zombie Road Rage for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies Some decent strategies for you to consider written by Aventador (Hutchinson) over at writerparty:

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Zombie Road Rage


Zombie Road Rage Goes Free [iOS]

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Flip the Bird


Record and share your game play using the new 1.2 feature. Get the most views and win an iPad courtesy of Kamcord. Share your links here and get some view love from the followers. We are here to help!

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