Flip the Bird


Flip the Bird is a fast paced game of obese avian acrobatics and explosive feathery follies. Fly as far as possible through the forest before running out of energy. Use the aid of favorable winds, other forest critters to catch a ride, or just bounce and careen off whatever you can to stay aloft. Replenish the energy used for every flap of your flight but watch out for the hard and pointy stuff as you dodge, bounce, flip, flap, fall, tumble, ride, and surf your way through the forest.

Flip the Bird is targeted as a casual game, easily picked up as a time filler. With proficiency comes the ability to fly as far as your limits of concentration and stamina allow. You’ll quickly find yourself playing “one more round” to do better because you made a few errors you could not recover from. Our testers say this game is addicting because it is simply fun to play and challenging to master. They frequently report that they forget they are testing.




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